RIIWHS204D Safe working at heights

Duration: 8 hours, dependent on course numbers
Cost: Please contact us for a tailored quote to suit your needs

Course Overview

The practical assessment for this course will be conducted onsite and site specific, with your organisation’s gear and equipment, performing one of the jobs that the successful student will be required to carry out once deemed competent.

We can also take a look at your current organisational approach to this aspect of high risk work and give feed back on any possible improvements that could easily be implemented, further ensuring your workforce is using the latest approach and methodologies when working at heights.

We also use your organisational documentation ( Permits / Risk Assessments / SOP’s etc ) and step your workforce through your entire organisational requirement around this documented process.

Course Outline

  • Access, interpret and apply height safety procedures and ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Inspect site to determine layout and physical condition, condition of structures, prevailing weather conditions, equipment requirements and potential hazards
  • Adhere to WHS requirements
  • Identify, select and check safety equipment for serviceability
  • Identify, manage and report potential risks and hazards
  • Consult with authorised personnel to select materials, tools and equipment and check for serviceability
  • Select, wear and care for personal protective equipment
  • Inspect/install fall protection and perimeter protection equipment
  • Identify approved methods of moving tools and equipment to work area and minimise potential hazards associated with tools at heights
  • Ensure safety system has been installed correctly
  • Select and install appropriate signs and barricades
  • Consult with authorised personnel to ensure anchor fall protection and associated equipment is correctly fitted and adjusted
  • Ensure all required equipment is installed
  • Use recommended methods to access work area for people, tools and equipment
  • Locate tools and materials to eliminate or minimise the risk of items being knocked
  • Check access from ground to work area and ensure it is safe
  • Keep fall equipment in place and adjusted appropriately for movement during work
  • Undertake manual handling of materials and equipment
  • Locate materials and equipment ensuring that they are safely secured and distributed
  • Check safety system periodically for compliance
  • Monitor risk control measures to ensure that they are effective and appropriate
  • Reassess risk control measures, as required, in accordance with changed work practices and/or site conditions and undertake alterations
  • Consult with authorised personnel to ensure safety system is dismantled and removed
  • Clear work area and dispose of or recycle materials
  • Clean, check, maintain and store tools and equipment
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